Take off with dashserv Reselling!

With our reselling programme, we offer your company a cost-effective solution to grow quickly. Thanks to a comprehensive API interface and web interface, we pave the way for your success!

  • Hourly billing
  • Extensive API interface
  • No basic fee

You want to start your own hosting business and don't want to be bothered with procuring servers, managing network hardware and replacing defective hardware defective hardware? With our reseller programme, you can purchase our products at a low price and then resell them yourself profitably. Depending on the purchase of the products or negotiation we offer different discount levels, which will increase your profit!
With dashserv at your side, you are prepared for the future - we take care of the IT infrastructure, and you take care of the growth of your company.

Your Reselling Cockpit

With our web interface with special reseller functions, you can keep an eye on your costs at all times. In addition, you can view, manage and delete the products booked by us at any time - regardless of the use of our API. and delete them at any time - independent of the use of our API.

  • Transparent cost overview
  • Estimated costs at the end of the month
  • Manage products
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API interface

With our extensive API interface, you can integrate all functions into your own web interface. web interface. This way, your customers can manage the products you offer on their own your own website, while the dashserv Reseller API is accessed in the background. is accessed in the background.

Hourly billing

All booked products are settled hourly at the beginning of the month. The monthly price is monthly price is converted to the hourly price and the usage between the creation and the deletion of the product is calculated. In the cost overview you are always aware of your your expenses at any time.

Powerful hardware

As a reseller, you can also be sure that we only ever use the best hardware. hardware. Thanks to redundancies in the network and the power supply, we minimise downtimes - in case of In case of doubt, technicians can carry out repairs immediately with our carry out repairs.

Why dashserv?

Personal support

You - or your customers - have a question about our products? We will help you within a few hours and are at your side with help and advice.

Convincing performance

With sophisticated hardware, we offer outstanding performance at a top price-performance ratio. price-performance ratio. In addition, we operate all servers ourselves with our own expertise.

Simply scale

With our reseller programme, nothing stands in the way of your business. We take care of We take care of the provision and maintenance of the servers, you take care of your growth.

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