Data centre

Skylink Rechenzentrum

Skylink data centre

We operate our main infrastructure in the Skylink data centre, which is built to Tier 3 standards. in Eygelshoven in the Netherlands. The data centre is located directly on the German border German border and has a direct connection (dark fibre) to Frankfurt am Main.

All traffic is routed via Frankfurt, which means our servers benefit from low ping, optimal connection and our usual combahton Premium DDoS protection. Our entire network infrastructure is redundant throughout in our rack in the Skylink, so that the risk of failures of our servers and infrastructure can be almost excluded.

Advantages of the data centre
Power supply

Several transformers via one ring line
Redundant power routing (A+B+C+D feed)
UPS systems with highest efficiency
Preheated diesel generators at all times


Individual rack rooms with separate access rights
24/7 access with access card
24/7 video surveillance in every area
Networked smoke detectors in all areas


Redundant fibre entry
Crossconnects to well-known carriers
Connection to Frankfurt and Amsterdam as backup
Redundant routing & switching hardware (Juniper)

Air conditioning

Modern and efficient cold aisle containment
2.2 MW total cooling capacity
Multiple redundant air conditioning units
Recirculating air conditioning for dust-free air

Maincubes FRA01

Maincubes FRA01

In 2020, we opened up the Maincubes FRA01 as a second location with its own hardware. Here we will music bots and web hosting products, among other things. This data centre is modern, secure and also runs on 100% green electricity. Especially because of the ISO 27001 ISO 9001 TÜV certification and 100% SLA on air conditioning and electricity, it is ideal for hosting your next website. hosting your next website.

We are happy to offer almost any product in the maincubes FRA01 on request - just contact us. simply. Marked products are already fully operated in the maincubes or the location can be selected automatically when ordering.

  • 24/7 security service
  • Early fire detection
  • Modern cooling with Kyoto technology