Our DDoS protection

DDoS attacks damage your applications. Not with us!

Our Free Standard Protection

Optimized protection of Aurologic

This protection is included free of charge with all vServers and dedicated servers. Through our own filters and our DDoS profiles, we and our customers can adjust the protection to all needs and optimize.

DDoS Overview
DDoS Overview
Our premium protection

Voxility pre-filtration with inline fine filtration

This protection is specially optimized for game servers which are often victims of large DDoS attacks. Thanks to Voxility as a pre-filter and AS203446 as a fine filter. This protection solution is able to filter large volume attacks without any problems.

Our DDoS protection

Nowadays, DDoS attacks in the gigabit range are no longer unusual. We effectively protect your server from attacks of any kind with the DDoS protection of combahton GmbH - harmful traffic is automatically detected and filtered, while legitimate traffic is allowed.

Either the sensor or permanent mode can be activated via our web interface. With these and many other functions, we offer you maximum flexibility and allow you to easily adapt the DDoS protection to your project!


With many years of expertise, we can carry out our own optimisations to the DDoS protection for your server on request via our customer service. This ensures that your server is protected in the best possible way!

DDoS profiles

In our web interface, you can activate DDoS profiles yourself, which protect your server better depending on the application. We currently offer predefined profiles for some games and programmes.


Our network is connected to various internet providers with over 800 GBit/s, so that even very large DDoS attacks at distributed locations can be filtered - legitimate traffic is not restricted.


There are new attack patterns every day that our protection has to cope with. We log every incoming attack. Which is why we are able to keep optimizing our protection solution.

Customized solutions

Due to our many years of expertise and the structure of our protection solutions, we are able to offer optimized protection for each customer. In doing so, we are in close contact with our customers.

real-time detection

Through a sophisticated multi-level live traffic analysis concept and inline detection, we are able to detect attacks in the shortest possible time to take automatic countermeasures.

Problems with DDoS attacks?

Take it in hand!

We offer you many possibilities to take action against DDoS via our extensive web interface. With our free DDoS profiles you can optimise the protection for prefabricated games or programmes with just a few mouse clicks. Our experts have created these profiles so that the application is specifically protected.

In addition, you can independently view DDoS attacks and also make changes to the sensor mode. If you are a big target for DDoS attacks, we will be happy to create individual protection profiles adapted to your server via customer service. Feel free to contact us!

Our Layer4 DDoS Protection

Layer4 attacks (infrastructure layer) are usually UDP or SYN floods, which send enormous amounts of data to the IP address. send huge amounts of data to the IP address in order to crash the underlying server. Our DDoS protection protects your servers from layer 4 attacks using live or dynamic filtering. attacks:


Our game filters are the solution against complex UDP floods that target game and voice servers (e.g. Teamspeak). Teamspeak). The idea behind the gamefilter is to offload as much traffic as possible to the DDoS filter (basically the Edge) to always respond to certain amounts of traffic. The gamefilter was implemented for several portranges and helps to keep game servers online even in case of very complex attacks online.

The following port ranges have been implemented specifically for the operation of the following game servers:

In our web interface, even stricter filter profiles can also be activated for specific games.

Known technical effects

While DDoS filters are active, you may notice the following effects, among others:

The Layer 7 DDoS protection

DDoS attacks can target different layers. Compared to the past, current DDoS DDoS attacks often target the top layer: Layer 7 is the application layer and is used to provide functions for the applications and is responsible for data input and output. It provides functions for the applications and is responsible for data input and output.

Layer 7 attacks specifically target the protocols belonging to Layer 7 such as Telnet, FTP, NNTP, HTTP or SMTP. Compared to other DDoS attacks, Layer 7 attacks require far less bandwidth and packets to cause a disruption of services. A low-level protocol attack such as. SYN flood requires a huge number of packets to carry out an effective DDoS attack, whereas a Layer 7 attack requires only a limited number of packets to implement a major DDoS attack.

The most widespread of the Layer 7 attacks is HTTP flooding. In this case, an HTTP request is sent to the affected server and uses considerable resources, and although the number of number of packets is limited, they fully utilise all server resources and lead to a denial of service. denial of service.