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PrePaid Dedicated servers

  • Premium DDoS protection
  • Own hardware without virtualization
  • 100% PrePaid
  • German location

Our dedicated server models

Choose from our currently available servers. Cheap, PrePaid and set up within a minute

main memory
hard disks
In stock
processor Intel Xeon E5-2630v2
main memory 32 GB DDR3
hard disks 2x 1000 GB SSD
location DUS, Deutschland
Network 2,5 Gbit/s
50TB Fair Use
Price 39,95 €
per month
In stock
processor Intel Xeon E5-2650v2
main memory 48 GB DDR3
hard disks 2x 500 GB SSD
location DUS, Deutschland
Network 2,5 Gbit/s
50TB Fair Use
Price 46,95 €
per month
In stock
processor Intel Xeon E5-2650v2
main memory 64 GB DDR3
hard disks 2x 500 GB SSD
location DUS, Deutschland
Network 2,5 Gbit/s
50TB Fair Use
Price 49,95 €
per month
In stock
processor 2x Intel Xeon E5-2650v2
main memory 128 GB DDR3
hard disks 2x 1000 GB SSD
location DUS, Deutschland
Network 2,5 Gbit/s
50TB Fair Use
Price 89,95 €
per month
Tip: Move the mouse over the server's inventory for information on provisioning and availability! Individual offers and configurations are possible at any time.

DDoS protection


Qualitative hardware

Super connection

Your advantages with a dedicated server

You have 100% access to the server, which we provide just for you!

Top prices

We build and test the dedicated servers to the highest quality ourselves. Nevertheless, we have calculated the best possible monthly price for you, without any hidden costs.

Modern data center

The servers in our data center benefit from optimally cool temperatures thanks to modern cold aisle containment and are protected from unauthorized access by other providers.

Quickly available

Our available servers are installed and made available within 5 minutes of receipt of the order. Servers with individual configurations are ready in just 3-5 working days.

Optimal connection

All servers are connected with at least 2.5 GBit/s and therefore have a very fast bandwidth. With up to 50 TB of included traffic, there are virtually no limits.

HP BL460c

HPE Blade Server

For our dedicated servers, we increasingly rely on HPE brand blade servers. Here there is a blade centre that supplies the individual servers (blades) with multiple redundant power, cooling and network. network. Due to this structure, the individual servers are very fail-safe and can be offered at a low offered at a favourable price. Repairs or adjustments to the components are also easy and comparatively quick to implement for other types of servers.

Thanks to our extensive hardware stock of common components such as CPU, RAM and SSD, we can react quickly to failures failures as well as to realise larger quantities of orders quickly.

Dedicated servers view
Fast, efficient, customer-oriented.

Our web interface

In our self-programmed web interface, you can control your dedicated server at any time or monitor it via the integrated console. Sensor data such as temperature can also be queried.

  • Status can be viewed at any time
  • Integrated VNC console view
  • Auto-installation of operating systems
  • Statistics on temperatures

Our DDoS protection

Nowadays, DDoS attacks in the gigabit range are no longer unusual. We effectively protect your server from attacks of any kind with the DDoS protection of combahton GmbH - harmful traffic is automatically detected and filtered, while legitimate traffic is allowed.

Either the sensor or permanent mode can be activated via our web interface. With these and many other functions, we offer you maximum flexibility and allow you to easily adapt the DDoS protection to your project! Learn more


With many years of expertise, we can carry out our own optimisations to the DDoS protection for your server on request via our customer service. This ensures that your server is protected in the best possible way!

DDoS profiles

In our web interface, you can activate DDoS profiles yourself, which protect your server better depending on the application. We currently offer predefined profiles for some games and programmes.


Our network is connected to various internet providers with over 800 GBit/s, so that even very large DDoS attacks at distributed locations can be filtered - legitimate traffic is not restricted.

Available operating systems

We offer the following operating systems in various versions for our automatic installer
Debian Logo Debian
Ubuntu Logo Ubuntu
CentOS Logo CentOS
Fedora Logo Fedora
Proxmox Logo Proxmox

Reliable brand hardware

For the components of our dedicated servers, we always rely on high-quality hardware from leading brand manufacturers such as Supermicro, HPE and Samsung. With fast Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc processors and NVMes from high-quality brands, we always pay attention to an optimal price/performance ratio in order to be able to pass on our favorable monthly prices to our customers.

Does it have to be a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers offer advantages and disadvantages. With a dedicated server, the entire physical server is provided only for you and is not virtualised. This means that the entire performance of the hardware is available to you and is not shared with other customers.
This makes a lot of sense for large projects, but for smaller projects it is more advisable to choose a KVM VPS. Here, several customers are installed on one large server, but the power is permanently allocated and can be used at any time. (Shared Hosting)

Dedicated servers view

Need help with your choice?

Our customer service is also there for you before your first order. Contact us and we will help you help you choose the right product for you.

Questions from our customers

You ask, we answer!
How long does it take to provision my Dedicated Server?

Our dedicated servers are made available within 5 minutes if they are marked as in stock. Other available dedicated servers are usually set up by us in 1 to 5 working days. Contact us today with your order!

Can I virtualise on the dedicated itself?

Yes, this is possible with our models without any problems. We even offer the Proxmox VE operating system for our Auto Installer.

How can I pay?

We offer PayPal, Paysafecard as payment methods, immediate bank transfer and EPS. If you like, you can also pay by bank transfer. bank transfer. However, due to processing at the bank, it may take up to two weeks before the credit is automatically credited. processing at the bank, it can take up to 2 days.
All other payment methods will be credited to your account within a few seconds after receipt of payment. account credited to your account!

Do you build and operate the servers yourself?

Yes, we operate our own rack space in the Skylink data centre and build all our servers ourselves. We have explicitly decided against reselling from other providers in order to increase the quality of our servers.

Is a web interface available to me?

Of course. Here, among other things, starts, stops, restarts can be carried out, IPMI accesses can be queried and sensor data as well as a temperature history can be viewed.
A new operating system can also be installed with a few mouse clicks.