Our hardware

Premium Hardware

Branded hardware

In our host systems, we only use Intel server processors, Samsung ECC Reg. RAM, Samsung Datacenter SSD hard disks and use Supermicro barebones that are suitable for 24/7 continuous continuous operation.

Data centre

Our servers are located in selected data centres that meet the highest security standards. security standards. These are supplied redundantly with green electricity and have UPS systems and diesel generators. diesel generators.


For our network, we use high-quality EX3300 switches from Juniper. These are connected to 2 different routers for complete device redundancy with 2x 10 Gbit/s. routers. All VPS host systems are therefore connected with at least 2x 1 GBit/s LACP.


For our host systems, we usually rely on dual Intel® Xeon® E5 processors.


We use ECC-Reg memory from renowned manufacturers in our host systems.

100% SSD

We store your data on Samsung Datacenter SSDs, which have proven themselves over many years.


Our servers are connected with 2x 1 GBit/s LACP to our switches from the manufacturer Juniper.

Server RAM Server Server Rack1 Skylink
c7000 Bladecenter1 Server RAM Server Rack1
HP Blade Server Unser Rack Server RAM & CPU Server CPU Heatsink Server Backup Switch Rack