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What is a domain?

While a server can normally be addressed via an IP address, i.e. a combination of numbers and dots, a domain serves as a reference to the IP address. dots, a domain serves as a reference to the IP address. This means that potential customers do not have to remember the IP address, but only the unique and memorable and memorable domain made up of letters. This automatically leads to more visitors to your website!

The most popular domain endings

.de Logo 4,72 €
.eu Logo 6,07 €
.com Logo 14,14 €
.net Logo 14,50 €
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So many endings ... which one should I use?

There are hundreds of domain extensions worldwide - so confusion is definitely in order when choosing the right extension for your project. for your project is definitely in order! Generally, it is recommended that a German project or company project or company to always use a .de domain. This is not only inexpensive, but also reputable and widely used.

For international projects, domain endings such as .com, .org or .net are probably more suitable. better. Alternatively, you can also use more exotic domain endings such as .fm for radios, .tv for video platforms or .io for IT projects.
It is also advisable to always register several domain endings with your own memorable domain name. This reduces the risk of imitators using your name. your name.

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