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XEON Gold KVM vServer

  • Outstanding performance
  • Location Germany
  • Premium DDoS Protection
  • IPv4 & IPv6 inklusive
  • 100% PrePaid
  • NVMe SSD
  • No overbooking
  • XEON Gold 7443 to 4GHz

Our high-performance XEON Gold vServer offers

Düsseldorf, Germany

There are currently no packages available at this location, please have a look at our other locations or products


4,95 €
2 Gold Cores
8 GB DDR4 ECC Memory
1x IPv4
2x 1 Gbit/s LACP (shared)
25 TB inklusive
Düsseldorf, Germany


7,95 €
4 Gold Cores
16 GB DDR4 ECC Memory
1x IPv4
2x 1 Gbit/s LACP (shared)
25 TB inklusive
Düsseldorf, Germany


9,95 €
6 Gold Cores
24 GB DDR4 ECC Memory
1x IPv4
2x 1 Gbit/s LACP (shared)
25 TB inklusive
Düsseldorf, Germany


14,95 €
6 Gold Cores
32 GB DDR4 ECC Memory
1x IPv4
2x 1 Gbit/s LACP (shared)
25 TB inklusive
Düsseldorf, Germany


19,95 €
8 Gold Cores
48 GB DDR4 ECC Memory
1x IPv4
2x 1 Gbit/s LACP (shared)
25 TB inklusive
Düsseldorf, Germany
100% PrePaid — We do not send reminders or requests for payment for your product.

NTT Data centre

We operate some of our KVM servers in NTT's renowned data centre. This is located directly in Frankfurt am Main. Numerous security-relevant certifications, highly efficient cooling and a first-class network connection round off the location. An availability of 99.999% is guaranteed by a redundant and uninterruptible power supply. The data centre is TÜV-tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 50600, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, PCI DSS and Tier3 in accordance with TIA 942:2010 to ensure the desired protection of your data

  • 24/7 Monitored
  • Tier3, DIN EN 50600, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, PCI DSS
  • Availability of 99.999%
  • 100 % green electricity
Fast, efficient, customer-oriented

Our web interface

In our control panel you can not only view the load of your servers at any time, but also monitor traffic/network statistics. Useful tools next to the start/stop of the vServer like the password reset or the power off simplify the management.

  • Einfach und anfängerfreundlich
  • Long term statistics
  • Automatic tasks
  • Free backups

Ready to go in a few seconds

Waiting time after ordering for manual activations? No way! Your vServer is automatically set up and ready for use in an average of 30 seconds after ordering.

Power without end

We only use modern, high-quality and high-performance server hardware in our systems, such as Intel XEON Gold 6154 processors with DDR4 and NVMe memory. This allows us to offer outstanding performance of our KVM vServers despite low prices.

Simple operation

With our own user interface, controlling your vServer becomes a breeze. For us it is important that you know what you are doing and reach your goal in a few seconds with a few mouse clicks.

PrePaid vServer from dashserv:

Move into the fast lane now.

Our affordable PrePaid vServers wont let you down. With the modern KVM virtualization method, you are entitled to 100% of your booked performance at any time. Unlike other hosters using outdated virtualization methods such as OpenVZ or LXC, we offer special comfort and reliability. KVM virtualization allows your vServer to use and configure your own kernel. This again offers the highest possible flexibility and security, as you can install new security updates for your kernel at any time and are not dependent on our kernel updates.

Thanks to high-performance processors like Intel XEON Gold 6154 7443, fast DDR4 RAM and lightning-fast NVMes with best test results your eigener KVM vServer super schnell. Dadurch eignet er sich besonders gut für z.B. das Hosten einer own website, many different game servers or your own online cloud. Here we set you no limits, you can really install whatever you want

In addition, we rely on the PrePaid method. This means that you pay for your vServer in advance. in advance. If you dont need your vServer anymore, it is enough to simply not to extend it anymore. When the booked term expires, you have 7 days to replace your PrePaid vServer with a new one. by an without data loss, otherwise it will simply be deleted from our system without further deleted from our system. So you enjoy again special flexibility and dont need to be afraid of e.g. reminders or payment reminders.

Firewall screenshot
Free firewall

With our firewalls you can secure your infrastructure on our vServers. Define rules that limit incoming and outgoing traffic and assign the firewall to multiple vServers.

Release Q2/2024

Monitoring screenshot
Free monitoring

Configure thresholds for RAM and CPU usage. Our system will first send a warning, then an alarm to your email when the configured thresholds are exceeded.

Release Q2/2024

Available operating systems

You can create your vServer with the most popular operating systems and reinstall them at any time.
NEW! A wide range of other operating systems are available as ISO installers.
Debian Logo Debian
Ubuntu Logo Ubuntu
CentOS Logo CentOS
Fedora Logo Fedora

Our DDoS protection

Nowadays, DDoS attacks in the gigabit range are no longer unusual. We effectively protect your server from attacks of any kind with the DDoS protection of combahton GmbH - harmful traffic is automatically detected and filtered, while legitimate traffic is allowed.

Either the sensor or permanent mode can be activated via our web interface. With these and many other functions, we offer you maximum flexibility and allow you to easily adapt the DDoS protection to your project! Learn more


With many years of expertise, we can carry out our own optimisations to the DDoS protection for your server on request via our customer service. This ensures that your server is protected in the best possible way!

DDoS profiles

In our web interface, you can activate DDoS profiles yourself, which protect your server better depending on the application. We currently offer predefined profiles for some games and programmes.


Our network is connected to various internet providers with over 800 GBit/s, so that even very large DDoS attacks at distributed locations can be filtered - legitimate traffic is not restricted.

Need help with your choice?

Our customer service is also here for you before your first order. Contact us, we will be happy to help you choose the right product for you.

More advantages of our PrePaid vServers.
Free Backups

Daily free backups are included with each of our affordable packages. These backups can be created at any time on our storage servers. If the backup is restored later, the vServer will be in the same state as when the backup was created.

KVM Full virtualization

Unlike container virtualizations such as LXC, the KVM virtualization of our vServer of our vServers your booked resources are available at any time. Likewise, your VM has its own own kernel, which means that Docker environments, for example, can also be operated without any problems.

Questions from our customers

You ask, we answer!
I have problems with my vServer. Who can I contact?

You are welcome to join our team. Just open a Ticket in our web interface or write a E-Mail with your request and your customer reference. We will answer you as soon as possible and help you back on your feet!

Can I test a vServer before buying?
You are welcome to join our team. Just open a Ticket in our web interface or write a E-Mail with your request and your customer reference. We will answer you as soon as possible and help you back on your feet!
Wie kann ich bezahlen?

We offer as payment methods PayPal, Paysafecard, Sofort Überweisung and EPS. If you like, you can also send Bank transfer pay. However, it may take up to 2 days for the credit to be automatically credited due to processing at the bank, it can take up to 2 days. All other payment methods will be credited to your account within a few seconds after receipt of payment! account within a few seconds!

I am afraid of reminders, do I have to cancel my products?

No way! Our system is PrePaid, therefore you can simply let your vServer expire your vServer when you dont need it anymore. This happens automatically as long as you dont renew your vServer manually renew your vServer.

Which operating systems can I install?

Even before the order is completed, you can specify the operating system of your vServer. We offer Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and CentOS as current images. Windows Server 2019 can also be installed as an operating system, but requires a Intervention for configuration.
Of course you can as often as you like at any time reinstall your vServer with a new operating system. If you are still missing your desired operating system, you are welcome to contact us. contact us.

When can I use my vServer?

No one likes long waits, especially if you need your vServer that very evening, right now, need it. Thats why we dont have them: Your vServer will be installed and ready for use normally installed and ready for use in less than 60 seconds. Online in 60 seconds!

Are the booked resources really available to me at all times?

Yes! Immediately after the order is received, the booked resources are made available to your vServer and and booked on our host system.

Unfortunately, temporary bottlenecks may occur, e.g. in the evening, when the CPU load of our host systems is increased. However, we do our best to make sure that your booked resources are available resources are available at any time and no bottlenecks occur. So that we can offer our vServers vServers for the low price, we use the principle of shared hosting. shared hosting.

Will I get full root access?

Yes, without any restrictions. Immediately after completing the installation of your new vServer we will send you the IP address and the root password by e-mail. We recommend to replace this password with a secure password immediately. With a client like e.g. PuTTY you can then administer your server completely by yourself.

Is my data safe?

Your data is stored on data center SSDs from the pioneer Samsung. We operate 2 TB per node in Raid 1, so even in the worst case of a hard drive failure the hard disk can be replaced without much downtime - without any data loss. data loss. Nevertheless, despite our efforts to keep your data safe and to avoid data loss data loss, we recommend that you create your own backups and possibly store them in a different data center.

Do I get an IPv6 address with my vServer?

All our vServer packages include an IPv6 address.

Do I get an IPv4 address with my vServer?

All our vServer packages include an IPv4 address.